Economic Effect of Hosting Sports Mega-Events In Developing Countries

  Countries choose to organize a mega event such as the World cup, commonwealth games, or the Olympics event organizers and promoters either fund or widely distribute ex-ante studies highlight the event's positive effects. In theory, these investments could come from supranational organizations, and private or public stakeholders. emerging economies such as China and Brazil intend to use mega-events and hope that the developing countries might make huge investments They nations face significant challenges due to a lack of stadiums, lodging, transport networks, and other sports-related infrastructural facilities. As a result, the cost of each mega-sport event organized by emerging markets has been outrageously high.   As an example, In the run-up to the event, the first ecstasy in 2004 when Africa was granted the rights to host the mega event was significantly tempered, as were forecasts of visitor numbers and economic growth. There will be two Winter Olympics in addition to the $1.7

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